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Martin Beauchamp

Martin Beauchamp has been the President and Head Coach of the Ottawa Valley Wolves since 2013. Martin has extensive experience in the hockey world from having played Midget AAA and in the Major Junior Quebec Hockey League (LHJMQ) until the age of 20. Martin's opportunity of being drafted and his free agent tryout in the NHL, were both respectfully denied because of his medical condition: Cystic Fibrosis.


For the remainder of his playing career Martin played Semi-Pro in the province of Quebec known now as the North American Hockey League (NAHL). While still playing in the NAHL, Martin started coaching at the Competitive Midget level in St-Hyacinthe and since then coached at many levels of Hockey and also been involve in Summer Hockey School. Certified High Performance 1 Coach since 2004, Martin keeps on improving his knowledge through a variety of courses.

Martin excel when faced with challenges.  Martin thrive to achieve success and bring the best out of our players. 

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Carole Cardinal

Carole Cardinal has been the Vice-President of the Ottawa Valley Wolves since 2013. Carole has extensive experience in Managing from having occupied the position of manager  the Central Ambulance Communications Centre for many years. Carole's highly developed communications skills come from her BA in Psychology and past experience as an Ambulance Communications Officer, C.A.C.C. Manager and now as an Ambulance Communications Training Officer.


Carole is overseeing the Wolves Hockey Academy´s  accommodations for the team, including apparels, required documentation, team activities, hotels and restaurants.

Carole's dedication and hard work is fundamental to the Wolves Hockey Academy's success. 

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Camile Cardinal

With her knowledge as graduate in Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Camile provides supervision and tutoring to our student athletes for an optimal learning experience.

Camile will help our student athletes to structure and organize their techniques of studying to improve their academic efficiency and results.


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 Mary Yarush 40+ years of coaching experience and Leonid Birinberg 26 years of coaching experience at the highest level of competition  figure skating.


Mary and Leonid will provide a wide variety of and techniques and edgeworks while ensuring each player experiences the proper instruction, correction, and skating skills that will help each player get to "their next level".

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Shane Byrne 

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Shane Byrne and his team of highly qualified Skating Movement Specialists, will be working with our players to fulfill their mission to integrate innovative science and technology with high performance hockey development. 

The Apex Skating team helps hockey athletes around the globe to reach new pinnacles in movement performance.

Their methodology is utilizing the principles of exercise science and biomechanics research, in their proprietary evidence-based coaching paradigm.  For more information click here.

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Performance Mindset Coach & Assistant Coach

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Gordon MacFarlane is a certified Human Behavior Specialist and Master Trainer as well as an Emotional Intelligence practitioner.  He has over 40 years of elite coaching experience ranging from professional, college, junior, and elite AA/AAA hockey. He is NHL mental performance coach, an international best-selling author, and has been a leadership and performance culture specialist for over 25 years. 

Coach MacFarlane will work with the coaches and athletes throughout the season by leveraging industry-leading psychometric tools and training. In doing so, Coach MacFarlane will teach our players how to break down mental, emotional, and relational barriers so that our players can reach their maximum potential, while also providing our players with the tools to overcome adversity to develop greater GRIT and mental toughness. Additionally, Coach MacFarlane will be able to provide our coaching staff with key insights on how each player learns and needs to be coached; thus, allowing our coaching staff to have the ability to help each player maximize their development both in the game of hockey, education, and in life.


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Chris Schwarz and his team of university educated strength and conditioning coaches specialized in sports performance training, will be working with our players with the goal in-season to keep them healthy and active in the line up. Through mobility work, dynamic S-A-Q drills and in-season specific strength work, they keep our athletes in prime shape for on the ice.

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Wayne Richardson

Wayne Richardson spent 13 years in the military and 11 years as an Engineer in industry.  He has been a goaltender for 35 years and played national level military hockey. 

His military experience and training enable him to teach the basics and advanced techniques of goaltending in an easy to absorb and efficient manner.  He has coached goalies at all levels and calibers from basic goaltending to AAA.

Fred Brathwaite


Fredrick Brathwaite spent his career with the Edmonton OilersCalgary FlamesSt. Louis Blues and Columbus  Blue Jackets in the NHL before finishing his career overseas with Ak Bars KazanAvangard Omsk and Adler Mannheim. Fred Brathwaite was named Deutsche Eishockey Liga MVP in 2009


After his playing career, Fred worked as goaltending coach of the New York Islanders,  Adler Mannheim (Germany) and served as Hockey Canada's goaltending consultant.

Fred is presently working with the Vegas Golden Knights. When available Fred will be working with our goalies to bring them to their next level of their play. His knowledge and application of technical and tactical elements of goal tending provide his students a solid foundation to develop skills that will be useful throughout their careers.

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Eric Mitchell

Sports Medecine Center - Eric.jpeg

Injury Prevention & Exercise Specialist

Eric has a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at Algonquin College, here in Ottawa.

He has competed in a high level of hockey, soccer, track and field, and is now pursing the sport of Bobsleigh. He is hoping to compete in the 2026 Winter Olympics for Team Canada. Helping people has become a big part of Eric's day-to-day life.

With that being said, he provides patients the ability to test their strength and to understand what they need to improve on, and that is through the KangaTech machine. Eric started off as a patient on the machine and realized the importance of what the machine has to offer and how useful it is when it comes to improving strength and performance.

The KangaTech machine is not just beneficial for top level athletes, it can be used coming off of an injury, preventing injuries, and also getting to the root of discomfort/pain. The machine can test your strength from head to toe finding imbalances and weaknesses throughout your entire body.

Hitoshi Maeda

Athletic Therapist


Hitoshi received his bachelor's degree in Sports Science from Juntendo University (Tokyo, Japan) and obtained his second bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Winnipeg. He later became a Certified Athletic Therapist and earned his certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Hitoshi takes an integrative approach that combines manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises to restore the body's functionality. In particular, he applies Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Technique, and Mulligan Concept depending on the patient's condition.

He has worked with clients of various ages and athletic levels, from youth programs to national and professional teams and events. He previously worked as a team Athletic Therapist for the Jr. A. Hockey team of the British Columbia Hockey League, and this past season was the Athletic Therapy Assistant with Ottawa's Professional Hockey Team.

Dr. Dan Walker



B. HSc. (Hon.) Kin., D.C.


Dr. Walker began his training in rehabilitation therapies at Ontario Tech University where he obtained his B.HSc. (Hon.) in Kinesiology. His studies included research into musculoskeletal injuries and an internship working with professional athletes.

His chiropractic studies took him to New York State where he earned his D.C. at New York Chiropractic College (N.Y.C.C.). During his doctoral studies he obtained advanced certificates in both Sports Science and Human Performance, and Nutrition, and is skilled in ConnecTX Therapy techniques. He has a certificate from McMaster University in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and has worked with varsity athletes while in New York, as well as provided ergonomic assessments and advice in an industrial setting for employees.

Having grown up in Ottawa and played competitive hockey, Dr. Walker loves his hometown and is excited to be returning to start his practice. He looks forward to welcoming new patients!

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