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The  WOLVES HOCKEY ACADEMY is located in Ottawa, Ontario at the Bell Sensplex Primary Practice Facility of the Ottawa Senators. We offer a development program combining Academics and Hockey within an environment that is both affordable and beneficial to the ones involved. We offer a program that encourages the development of the mind in all aspects of daily learning on & off the ice. We believe every player’s options should be created according to his/her individual needs and situation.

The Wolves Hockey Academy welcome players from across the United States, Canada and Internationally.  


The Wolves Hockey Academy program was created and designed to develop and promote hockey players who are committed to enhancing their skills in preparation for the next level of hockey. Our program provides hockey players the physical, mental, and moral development of youth athletes. Through skill development and positive reinforcement, players will learn the key to success is hard-work, self-confidence, dedication and respect.  

The academy’s mission is to cultivate young student-athletes both on and off the ice, while also providing them with the opportunities and resources to pursue their aspirations of playing college or professional hockey. We have established strong relationships with various Junior and college teams, which allows us to facilitate a smooth transition for our players from youth hockey to the next level.

Our development programs include tournaments, showcases, exchange games, practices, off-ice and in-class development. 

We compete in the NAPHL, NESPHL and the USPHL ELITE. Our Varsity team will have the opportunity to play against some of the top programs in both the Canadian and American Showcases. 

With a comprehensive program that recognizes the needs of players, Wolves Hockey Academy offers players
more development and a focus on education.
Our approach prioritizes respect, discipline, commitment, focus, and teamwork, with the mantra of “Believe” at its core. We believe that our players have the potential to achieve their dreams, and we strive to empower them to do so, never allowing anyone to discourage them from reaching their goals.


Our experienced staff, resources, and passion for the game are at the disposal of those who are willing to put in the necessary effort.


Our partnership with Northern Pre-University (NPU) gives us the opportunity to offer English and French students the possibility of attending school and enable us to meet every player’s particular needs. Through this partnership, players can also receive help dealing with Universities/Colleges and all the steps involved in preparing them for their post secondary careers.

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